Oracle Content Data Migration

In one of our recent projects we needed a way to efficiently and effectively migrate over 500GB of content data from the legacy Oracle 10g Content Server to the new Oracle 11g Universal Content Manager.  As of this writing, there is no official Oracle migration plan to perform this.  The following bullets highlight the primary goals for this migration: Goal #1: Migrate all content data, including versioning, from the Oracle 10g Content Server to the Oracle 11g Universal Content Manager. Goal #2: Migrate all metadata associated with each item of content data.  This includes custom categories and attributes used for tagging, and user privileges. Goal #3: The migration must be done in a timely fashion, and require little or no effort from the end…

Spring Security and Regular Expression User Details Wrapper

Spring Security provides out of the box support for integrating with Single Sign On systems. For example you can use this to integrate with CA's SiteMinder or Oracle IDM system. In one of my recent projects, we were integrating our custom build Java application with OracleAS 10g SSO. This SSO system as part of OracleAS integrates with Oracle Internet Directory and injects the following header attributes for integrated partner applications. Osso-User-Dn Osso-User-Guid Osso-Subscriber Osso-Subscriber-Dn Osso-Subscriber-Guid provides more details on OracleAS SSO application development. Each of these attributes have different formats. In our environment, standard was to use Oss-User-Dn which contained values in the following format cn=username, cn=Users,dc=department,dc=company,dc=com. Our integrated application had an internal user database as well. We needed to…

SysInternals Tool: ADInsight

The SysInternals tool ADInsight is a great way to debug a .NET application which is having problems with Active Directory. If you run your application and ADInsight isn't showing anything though, make sure that you relaunch the tool with the "Run as Administrator" menu option. Once you've done that, the tool is very straightforward. Use the Event Filter to limit the logging to bind/unbind calls and you can find out if your LDAP connection pooling isn't working.

Liferay 6.1 Jackrabbit Bug

If you use Jackrabbit for your document library, Liferay documentation suggests that your ext plugin should have a file. Description: This file allows overwriting the configuration of the Jackrabbit repository. Refer to the Jackrabbit configuration documentation for details.However, if you actually deploy, Liferay will copy the standard repository.xml from the core to your datajackrabbit directory.  Which means there was no point whatsoever to repository-ext.xml.  It worked in 5.2.3 though, so it's just a reversion bug on their part.