Definitive Logic’s Edward Cody Authors Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Book

Edward J. Cody recently co-authored a book on Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) called, "The Oracle Data Relationship Management 11 Guide: Successful Implementation Essentials."

Making SharePoint Not Look and Feel Like SharePoint

When consulting with clients on SharePoint, we are often told that they like SharePoint's features and capabilities but would prefer SharePoint "not to look and feel like SharePoint." This statement is usually followed by anecdotes of the difficulties of using or finding something on SharePoint. In today's advancement of Web technologies, our clients often see the sleek and intuitive interfaces provided by the likes of Google, Twitter, and Facebook outside the workplace and expect the tools they use to conduct business to perform the same. Unfortunately, we have seen that SharePoint's out-of-the box interface poses a major barrier to adoption, even despite the great features and capabilities behind the interface that makes SharePoint such a great tool for productivity. Consequently,…