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Data Driven Decisions

Whether proving compliance with industry regulations or exploiting data for greater visibility, government and commercial leaders rely on data every day. Definitive Logic’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics team gives clients a new way of solving business challenges. We collect and transform massive amounts of data into reports and dashboards, giving you the insight you need for smart decisions.

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BI & Analytics in the Cloud

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics consume significant resources. These systems are historically constrained by a finite set of datacenter resources. Hyperscale cloud services offer organizations unlimited resources to help unleash the full potential of BI and Data Analytics services.

Data Management

We live in a world full of data, and organizations are figuring out how to leverage it in better ways everyday.  At Definitive Logic we have trained experts that have experience in all forms of data management that will turn your data into a valuable resource.  From data governance, database management, and meta/master data management, Definitive Logic has the experience with data normalization, transformation, and consolidation to get you on the right track.

Data Quality

Definitive Logic understands the importance for clean, consistent data. Our experts are well versed in industry best practices such as ISO 8000, the international standard for data quality, and & International Association for Information & Data Quality (IAIDQ) standards. Our systematic approach focuses on a zero-defect quality management plan for client data. Frequent checks and verification of data quality ensures its health and usefulness in the long run.

Data Warehousing

By their nature, Data Warehouse (DW) projects cross organizational and contractual lines and therefore often stir data hoarding and then turf battles.  We believe that successfully navigating such environments gets done with up front communication and diplomatic relationship building.  Definitive Logic consultants have the experience to help you understand these sociological factors and help you to use them to your advantage to build and maintain an effective Data Warehousing solution.  Through deep experience in Kimball and Inmon data warehousing, DL consultants understand the challenges and risks that typically arise at different points in a DW life-cycle, and can help you build consensus to stay on track. We manage the full scope of EDW deployments to include EDW Architecture & Design, Extract Transform, & Load (ETL), Design & Development of back-end systems, Report & Dashboard Development, and End-user Training.

Data Visualizations

Next to data quality, visualizing information is one of the most critical aspects of a successful BI/analytics solution. Data must be displayed in a manner that is informative, interactive, consumable, and actionable to be effective.  Our business analytics services transform data into meaningful, actionable information. The solutions we provide are easy to use and integrate so that the customer is able to quickly make sense of complex data and gain deeper, more precise insight into strategy, tactics, and operations.  Our approach focuses on right set of tools for the job along with visually appealing presentations of data that deliver the right information at the right level of granularity to enable decision makers to draw the proper business conclusions from the data of their enterprise.

Technology Integration Services

Our work spans a diverse cross-section of modern industries across both the public and private sector

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