How We Operate

Interview Process

 At Definitive Logic, we realize that our people are our most important resources, so we look for people with demonstrated problem-solving, results, leadership, and passion (for both work and life).  Our interview process typically consists of a phone interview and an in-person interview.

  • Phone Interview: The phone interview will typically be led by a Definitive Logic Project Lead.  It will last approximately 30 minutes and will focus on your skills and experience.  We will also provide an overview of our company, projects, and opportunities.
  • In-Person Interview: The in-person interview will typically be led by a Definitive Logic Director and Project Lead.  It will last approximately 60 minutes and will focus on a simulated business case similar to the ones you will likely face at Definitive Logic.  These open, two-way discussions will allow you to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and will provide us with valuable insight as to how you go about solving complex problems. 

Business Structure

At Definitive Logic, we operate with a flat organizational structure which promotes collaboration among our people and which allows all of our members to have increased involvement in decision-making processes.  We structure our organization in the following ways.

  • Project Teams: We match individuals with project teams based on careful consideration of business, client, and individual needs.   When you start with us you will likely be assigned to one project team, but over time you will likely have the opportunity to support multiple engagements such as customer projects, internal projects, research and development projects, etc.
  • Centers of Excellence: In addition to our project teams, we foster a culture of knowledge sharing through the use of our Centers of Excellence, which typically focus on specific business, functional and technical areas.  These communities are designed to bring Definitive Logic people and teammates from different project teams together to share ideas and best practices.
  • Business Solution Practices: We recognize the importance of being experts in the industries in which our engagements exist. Our Business Solution Practices drive thought leadership, knowledge and awareness of the latest developments in technology, data and analytics in their respective industries. Our people are incentivized to participate in these industry practices to further their understanding and to drive better solutions to their customers.
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