How You'll Grow

We believe compensation & benefits should achieve two things: making your life easier and more secure, and facilitating your personal growth. We are proud to offer the following benefits:

Salary & Bonuses

  • Salary: We want the best talent on our team, and offer highly competitive salaries that we regularly benchmark against industry indexes.
  • Bonuses: We provide year-end bonuses, business development, and employee referral bonuses, in addition to spot bonuses for outstanding achievements at any time.
  • 401k: We have a competitive Fidelity 401K plan fully vested from day 1 with Definitive Logic matched contributions so that employees who wish can invest in life after work.
  • Stock Plan: We have a stock plan rewarding long term performance and loyalty offering everyone the opportunity to share the results of our growth.
  • Health, Vision, & Dental: We offer a variety of generous health care options to meet the needs of our people.

Work/Life Balance

  • Flexible Hours & Teleworking: Everyone's life and commitments are different, we offer the freedom to accommodate your schedule as well as the ability to work from home as needed.
  • Time Off: Full-time individuals are afforded a generous amount of time off for vacation, holidays and personal time.
  • Volunteer Work: We strongly believe in helping the community, so full-time individuals are also able to use a yearly allotment of time for volunteer work of their choosing.
  • Metro SmartBenefits: Definitive Logic provides Metro SmartBenefits to team members that frequently ride a Metro train or bus to support their work.

Learning & Career Growth

  • Training & Professional Development: Your future is our future, so we offer a generous training program and promote a learning and development culture.
  • Tuition Assistance: An assistance plan is provided on a case-by-case basis for full-time individuals that are continuing education.
  • Goal-Oriented Mentorship: To help you grow, we provide exposure to information and people within and outside your immediate project and service area, including one-on-one on the job training with an experienced person in your area. We also work with you to prepare a customized career development path to your goals. Finally, we work with you to ensure you receive focused interpersonal support and coaching.
  • Research We believe in the power of ideas, so we offer research time for people on a rotating basis that affords them the opportunity to spend time looking into topics of interest to them and related to the work that we do.