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Co-Authoring in SharePoint

What is Co-Authoring? One of the reasons to use SharePoint is to have a centralized location for sharing files. A team of users can store a set of common files on SharePoint so they can all share access to them as needed.  If they need to edit any of these documents collaboratively, SharePoint offers co-authoring …

Institutionalizing Healthcare Cost Analysis and Control

In light of the impending movements in healthcare away from “fee for service” and toward “pay for value” models of care, the importance of accurate cost analysis for healthcare providers is extremely important.  Linking the financials to the operational data and down the line to patient outcomes is the key to operating an effective healthcare …

Agile: Fantastic Product Owners and Where to Find Them

Scrum requires three roles to be successful: Scrum Master, Development Team and Product Owner (PO).  Kicking off a new agile-scrum engagement has prompted me to reference previous efforts that achieved high levels of success to determine what maketh a fantastic Product Owner.  This blog post, released ahead of the highly anticipated theatrical premiere of Fantastic Beasts …

How I learned to stop fearing and start loving SharePoint… Sort Of – Part 2

SharePoint 2010 uses SOAP, which is messy (see what I did there?) Front-end development on SharePoint 2010 can get a little tricky.  Most web services these days use Representational State Transfer (REST) which is a nice improvement over SOAP but unfortunately that option is not always available.  If you are developing on SharePoint 2013 you are lucky and you have …

Part 3: JavaScripting on SharePoint – Lists, Content Types, and Columns

To develop JavaScript applications that will store data on SharePoint, you should have a good understanding on how to design and store data in SharePoint lists.  If you followed Part 2 of this series, we now have three sites (Production, User Testing, and Development) to conduct SCA-JavaScript development and that means we have to keep the …

How I learned to stop fearing and start loving SharePoint… Sort Of – Part 1

New to SharePoint? You are a seasoned developer and your boss just told you that they need your help on a SharePoint project.  The typical thoughts may roll through your head: Why me? I hate SharePoint. It isn’t for real developers anyways While these are all valid reactions there is one silver lining to remember.  …

Agile: Business Priority vs. Dev Logic

The crux of agile development is building features in order of business value and priority as well as accounting for change in the development process.  However, when starting from scratch on a blank canvas, it can prove difficult to build the items that the customer deems highest priority first.

Customer-Centric Agile

As Project Managers, we spend most of our time balancing the triple constraint (scope, schedule, cost) while being the primary point of contact for our customers.  It’s challenging work and one of the reasons it’s so challenging is because we (Project Managers and customers alike) put too much weight on detailed plans that are typically developed before any work has been done.  Enter Agile methods.

Cleaning Up the Real Estate Data Landfill

The challenges posed by data overload pose significant hurdles for real estate and asset management executives, particularly in filtering out accurate information from data anomalies that have amassed over time. Turning raw “Big Data” into healthy data and analytics can be achieved through a management plan based on client commitment, system functionality, user clean-up initiatives, training, support and outreach, and tracking and measuring.

Getting the Most Out of Your Data

The Four Pillars of Business Intelligence Businesses and organizations have become experts at stockpiling data. Storage costs are shrinking and the technology to capture data is getting more precise and comprehensive. Initiatives to leverage these storehouses of data by translating raw data into meaningful insight, referred to as Business Intelligence (BI), are gaining ever greater …

Great Place to Work

Definitive Logic has been consistently ranked as a great place to work by outstanding publications. We attribute our recognition to a friendly and rewarding culture driven by professional growth, thought-provoking projects, and a commitment to innovating for our clients.

Virginia’s Best Places To Work

Virginia Business Best Places To Work 2019

Definitive Logic is ranked #1 in the 2019 Best Places to Work Virginia midsize business category! The annual list of the Best Places to Work in Virginia was created by Virginia Business and Best Companies Group. This statewide survey and awards program is designed to identify, recognize and honor the best places of employment in Virginia, benefiting the state’s economy, its workforce and businesses. For more details about the program, visit


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