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Digital Business Transformation often impacts the last mile of processes most profoundly with the most impact on the business or agency. Through inter-connected workflows, internal silos are smashed and dots are connected creating more efficient and effective processes for conducting operations. Through transforming processes and applications into into the cloud, agile-based services can be quickly deployed that adjust to changing business needs.

Definitive Logic provides digital business transformation services by automating processes and exposing actionable intelligence to quickly and effectively inform key people, enable better decisions and optimize performance. Our Cloud based agile services and solutions offer unprecedented process efficiency and decision support. We deliver on the promise of the cloud by driving cost and time savings across the enterprise—while addressing the critical need for secure and compliant systems.

Our Services

Cloud Strategy

Definitive Logic has been instrumental in working with customers to achieve agility, exceptional performance, and cost savings while maintaining the desired security posture through our Cloud Service Adoption strategies and methodologies.

Infrastructure Migration

Focus your organization on its key missions rather than managing data centers and infrastructure. Definitive Logic specializes in analyzing, planning, and migrating workloads to shared computing environments and platforms, simplifying management, reducing operational costs, and providing an evergreen computing infrastructure.

Application Modernization

Following Definitive Logic’s Cloud Service Adoption allows organizations to derive value, systems enhancements, and application modernization through tools and capabilities inherent within today’s cloud service providers.

Big Data & Business Analytics

There are tremendous insights in the piles of data that organizations hold but do not have the technology to put to use. Utilizing the cloud-computing platforms available today, we help organizations make better decisions faster.

Agile Development & Integration

Definitive Logic has consistently championed Agile development methods, both in our own applications, as well as software we develop for our clients. Using frequent builds and a test-driven architecture, agile software is easier to maintain and faster to get to market.

Performance Management

Definitive Logic develops cloud-based applications that your organization can put to use to manage its employees’ annual performance reviews, training and development and compensation.

Technology Integration Services

Our work spans a diverse cross-section of modern industries across both the public and private sector

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