The great news is that with a Power BI project you have a lot of options… the bad news is you have a lot of options.  Sorting through the various permutations of licenses, gateways, features, and capacities can be daunting.  Definitive Logic is here to help!

Today we unveil our generalized Power BI Decision Tool.  If you’re looking at implementing a Power BI project, answer six simple questions and get recommendations for:

  1. What version of Power BI you need
  2. What licenses you will need to purchase/use
  3. Whether or not you need a Power BI Gateway
  4. What type of workspace should host your Power BI reports
  5. What type of data connection you should use

Whether your organization is looking at Power BI for the first time or your organization is trying to get a Power BI project off the ground, Definitive Logic can help you achieve your goals.  If you’re interested in how Power BI can be leveraged in your organization, please contact us at