No one wants to start from scratch…why should you?

Let DL help you accelerate your software development and application modernization with boost, a complete DevSecOps solution that brings proven tools, services, CI/CD, and management dashboard.

How? – At the core of boost is an automated and integrated framework of tried and true, pre-built tools, scripts, and solutions that are highly available and elastic to easily scale with your organization. The tool was designed and aligned to leading practices around (1) reliability, (2) operational excellence, (3) performance optimization, (4) cost optimization, and (5) security.

Why? – The automation (performing operation as code) of the infrastructure featured in boost reduces the amount of time and money that would otherwise be needed to maintain a DevSecOps environment and standardizes repeatable operations, with a focus on security and compliance operations, to ensure the quality of the solution. The tool also brings best practices of value stream management, helping to maximize flow, improve delivery efficiency and drive customer value.

Where? – In true DevSecOps form, all boost tech is leveraging cloud native to take full advantage of speed, scalability, resiliency, and agility. Our decision to use this technology approach for boost is driven by the benefits of having a loosely coupled system, reaping the rewards of APIs, microservices, containers, and service meshes. The business is evolving, so let’s support them with an emerging tech-enabled infrastructure. 

To be successful in implementing and adopting DevSecOps, most organizations will have to undergo a culture shift to promote and emphasize key values of DevSecOps culture, such as trust, accountability, and ownership. With the boost platform, DL will help define new roles and responsibilities as well as apply them in your organization to enable high-performing teams.


Cloud management – the endless frontier

Cloud management – the endless frontier

Cloud adoption continues to increase. Close to 80% of organizations are running workloads in the cloud¹. Advanced cloud workloads saw a 25% increase year-over-year, a reasonable indicator that more complex workloads are moving to the cloud. The hybrid cloud...

There is a right way to migrate to the cloud

There is a right way to migrate to the cloud

Taxpayers expect Federal agencies to do more with less. That is especially true for mission support functions like Finance, Budgeting, Real Property, Logistics, Risk Management and HR. These functions do for the organization what public utilities do for the economy....

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