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At Definitive Logic, we bring over a decade of experience in DevSecOps, allowing us to help you achieve a continuous, secure approach to all stages of your software development. We help our clients initiate and improve their DevSecOps practices, identifying and leveraging the best tools to fit your organization’s unique circumstances. Our customer-focused approach will reduce costs, increase delivery speeds, enhance compliance at scale, and reduce threats to your vital services. Our agile approach is a means to an end; and it doesn’t just apply when developing software. It’s about finding your optimal model for responding to change and enabling your agency to not only effectively and efficiently respond to a rapidly changing environment but anticipate those changes and adapt proactively. A transformation driven by the need for agility requires attention to leadership, operations, and culture.

Application Modernization

Legacy applications are often burdened by outdated technology that hinders the ability to integrate across businesses/functions, resulting in high cost, incompatibilities, and inefficiencies. At DL, we leverage our knowledge and expertise of microservices and cloud-based architecture to break down the silos and migrate legacy apps and systems to a more modernized, de-coupled infrastructure.

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API Design/Dev

What if someone made you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter? I know right!! The same sentiment goes when modernizing old applications without leveraging the benefits of APIs for data access, reusability, and scalability. At DL, we tackle APIs with an API-Led approach that starts with the business first, systems second. Since APIs are the door to information and services, treating each API as a product will ensure they are developed right the first time.

Kevin Jana

Enterprise Integration Practice Director

Kevin’s experience spans over 18 years supporting numerous Federal Government agencies, bringing a multi-faceted technical background ranging from cloud strategy, API integration, infrastructure management, information assurance, and technology strategy. His recent experience focuses on developing technology strategy roadmaps to help his Federal clients with technology assessments, IT transformation, and enterprise integration for large modernization efforts.

Dave Paolicelli

DevSecOps/Agile Subject Matter Expert

David is a service delivery and product expert with over 25 years experience leading teams to deliver technology solutions and advisory engagements to a broad range of defense, civilian, and commercial customers. He has recently helped the Department of the Interior implement solutions that enable their acquisition workforce to effectively manage their daily procurement workload and deliver better analytical visibility to executives. 

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Definitive Logic Joins Women in the Workforce: A Journey in STEM

Definitive Logic Joins Women in the Workforce: A Journey in STEM

Women in the Workforce: A Journey in STEM that took place on September 2nd featured discussions about the challenges professional women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics experience beginning in grade school and moving through college and into their...

A New Microsoft Partner Gold Competency

A New Microsoft Partner Gold Competency

Definitive Logic is pleased to announce we achieved a new Partner competency last week, Gold Content and Collaboration.  This is a result of 5+ years of building SharePoint and Teams solutions for our Microsoft 365 customers. Contact us today for a free consultation...

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Definitive Logic has 20 years delivering mission-impact consulting and technology services to federal government and commercial clients.  Our domain expertise spans Defense, Homeland Security, Healthcare IT, and Emergency Management and more

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