Data Operations

Using data science to drive better business outcomes

Data is not much use without analytics. But analytics aren’t much use if they don’t influence business goals and outcomes. Definitive Logic leverages analytics and data science to tie your company data to actual business or organizational impacts — insights agencies can use to drive better outcomes.

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Data Integration

Organizations have lots of data living in lots of systems. Often these systems are siloed and therefore the scope and value of the data they contain is constrained. Data integration is all about connecting, combining, unifying and enriching your data assets to maximize their value and utility. It doesn’t matter where the data lives, what format it’s in or the refresh frequency, we can help you design and implement an effective data integration approach.

Data Storage

Data is prolific. Having the right strategy to effectively capture and store the data you need is crucial to any organization. Understanding how that data needs to be accessed and used is critical to picking the right storage strategy for your needs. Whether you need to employ a structured data warehouse or a more unstructured data lake or combination of both, DL has you covered. We can make sure your data is stored in a secure, optimized and cost-effective way that supports the usage needs of the organization.

Data Insights

Definitive Logic helps agencies not only drive insights through powerful analytics, but also refine, share and action those insights. Using technology to automate, optimize and collaborate we pro-actively get the right information to the right people at the right time to provide agency decisionmakers with insights they can trust and act upon. We enable working the way you want to work, equipped with the information you need.

Data Science

Data science is the use of scientific methods, processes and algorithms combined with technology systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data assets. It requires a cross-functional approach incorporating mathematics, data analysis, machine learning and domain knowledge to better understand and extend the value of your data assets. We specialize in prevalent languages and technologies, as well as the latest machine learning and advanced analytics modeling techniques. The result is better use of your data to drive new insights and power emerging AI-driven applications and services.

Data Governance

We live in a world full of data, and organizations are struggling to manage complex data environments and diverse user communities effectively and efficiently. Planning for and enabling the relevant data security, usage policies, business rules, data definitions and lineage is imperative. Our expertise will ensure your valuable information resources will be leveraged in an appropriately managed and disciplined way. Across data governance, quality, stewardship, meta/master data management and security, Definitive Logic has the experience to bring order and structure to your data landscape.

Use Cases:

  • Data-Driven Decisioning
  • Operational Optimization
  • Mission Readiness

Greg Keller

Data Solutions Practice Director

Greg has spent his 21-year career on the leading edge of technology to deliver improved business outcomes. With a focus on Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, he has broad experience helping organizations to maximize the value of their data assets and become more data-driven. Greg has worked with both government and commercial clients to develop information strategies, assess current-state capabilities and deliver improved solutions.

Our Insights

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