In today’s fast past environment, where decisions need to made in a split second, having access to the right data, at the right time, coupled with ability to see the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order effects is critical.  With our team of trusted advisors, we aid in making better decisions through a data driven decision framework (D3F), focusing on objectivity augmenting subjectivity through our Analytical and IT consulting.  Over our 20 years of experience it has allowed to perfect the deployment of D3F process.  Below is a short list of areas, benefits, tools, and expected outcomes:

  • DECISION QUALITY | Increased & Proactive
  • DATA QUALITY | High Due To Mitigated Human Error &/or Increased Syntax Enforcement
  • TOOLS | Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Hadoop, Impala, AWS, Azure, Informatica, R, Python, etc.

Augmented Decision Making