OMB Memorandum M-20-03: Implementation of Agency-wide Real Property Capital Planning represents a big step forward in how federal agencies must demonstrate compliance with OMB Circular A-11 – Preparation, Submission, and Execution of the Budget , specifically meeting requirements detailed in its supplemental Capital Programming Guide. It requires agencies to submit documentation supporting their Real Property – Agency Capital Plan. This plan supports agency budget submissions and it should be a principle source guiding resource decision making. Demonstration of compliance includes:

  • Clear reconciliation of the Senior Real Property Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Budget Officer perspectives
  • Demonstrated alignment with the Agency’s Strategic Plan
  • Integration with the agency’s Program Management Improvement Accountability Act Improvement Plan

Definitive Logic is an expert and highly experienced addressing these objectives. Our expertise includes detailed integration of real property, real estate, and financial management activities. Feel free to download our paper containing a recommended approach on how to respond to OMB M-20-03 requirements.

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