On March 9th 2020, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) OneNumber system went live for DHS Headquarters and Components.  This system represents the first and only Federal system to seamlessly integrate all PPBE processes into a single, consolidated Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform.

Together with our partners at Applied Computing Technologies, Kearney & Company, and OneStream Software, beginning in April 2018 we worked with DHS OCFO using Agile to deploy the OneNumber system in under 2 years.

Corporate Performance Management CPM Platform

Prior to the new system implementation, DHS used 3 separate applications to complete their resource allocation plan (RAP), budget formulation, budget execution, and performance management.  As a result, the DHS PPBE process was hampered by:

  • Extensive time spent gathering and editing/reviewing data quality and Component data calls
  • Inconsistent data reporting due to data being captured in different systems and at different times
  • Limited time expended on program analysis for better DHS resources’ allocation

The PPBE OneNumber system provides DHS a unified PPBE system, with consistent, accurate, and timely decision support data and tools to streamline major recurring processes and enhance stakeholder product delivery and reporting. 

  1. Streamlined process of tracking resources from budgeting through execution
  2. Standardized programming, budget formulation, and performance management process by using one system to compile, analyze, and report data
  3. Streamlined planning, communication, collaboration
  4. More accurate tracking of funding throughout the PPBE process, allowing users access to the most current view of data
  5. Capture of point-in-time positions, decisions, and reprogramming
  6. Reporting, query, what-if, work-year modeling, and pricing functions

Outcomes achieved to date include:

  • Successful Resource Allocation Plans (RAP) submission
  • Modernized DHS Performance Measures management and reporting
  • Automated OMBJ workflow & Budget Book buildout

Overall, the OneNumber system delivers greatly increased Data Granularity:

  • Initiative resourcing across PPBE phase and cycle
  • Automated resource calculation for pay and non-pay inflation
  • Positions at the lowest-level PPA and personnel rate calculation
  • O&S investment funding profile across appropriations and PPAs using UII number, and at the object class code level
  • Execution data (TIER) import for budget exhibit and monthly reporting

This revolutionary program provides DHS with a foundational PPBE platform that will be further extended over time.  Future enhancements will include:

  • Complete data sharing with the INVEST system
  • Load of historical data from BFEM and FYHSP system into OneNumber
  • Load of execution data for exhibit production, reporting, and quarterly analysis

DHS OneNumber is Definitive Logic’s 12th Federal implementation of CPM technology in the past 5 years, including 8 with the OneStream XF platform.

For more information on how your organization can leverage Definitive Logic’s leading PPBE modernization capability, please contact our Financial Management (FM) Practice Director, Mr. Chris Stockel.