Definitive Logic’s new Power BI custom visual, the Advanced Clustered Column Chart, is now available on the Microsoft App Source! This visual builds upon the capabilities of the out-of-the-box clustered column chart by adding more customization options, including the ability to overlay images over the bars and define custom labels for each measure.

To access these advanced customization options, the visual uses the Advanced Edit Pane, which can be accessed by selecting the edit option from the visual options dropdown.

This will open the Advanced Edit Pane and put the visual in focus mode, hiding the rest of the visuals on the page. To exit focus mode and close the Advanced Edit Pane, select the “Back to Report” button in the top left. To use the Advanced Edit Pane, you must first select a measure to edit from the list on the left.

Then, in the center panel, you can add images to the columns for that measure. Select the upload button to upload an image from your computer, and then use the Image Fit dropdown to change how it is displayed on the column.

To add labels to the selected column, use the list on the rightmost column to select its source. The options available in this list are any measure put in the Column Values or Column Labels data fields, along with 2 static options for the selected measure’s display name and no label. Measures placed in the Column Labels data field will not be rendered in the chart, and will only be used to add labels to other measures.

In this video, Ryan Powell and John Kerski introduce how to use the custom visual and what separates it from the out of the box visual.

John Kerski

John Kerski

Microsoft Practice Director

John leverages his 10+ years of technical and government leadership experience to help Federal Agencies, and private sector clients utilize Microsoft products to their fullest potential. His certifications with Microsoft products offer customers a high rate of return when looking to invest in Microsoft solutions. John oversees DL’s Gold Partnership with Microsoft and executes DL’s strategy to provide solutions with Azure and Microsoft’s Power Platform.