DHS Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) has more than 20,000 law enforcement and support personnel operating in more than 400 offices in the United States and around the world. The ICE – Office of Facility Assets (OFA) uses IBM-TRIRIGA to manage this footprint in a system it calls the Real Property Management System (RPMS). Definitive Logic supports ICE-OFA’s RPMS operations and maintenance requirements. This work includes maintaining, enhancing and upgrading the RPMS application and its TRIRIGA platform to include:

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  • ICE’s RPMS currently uses the following TRIRIGA modules:
    -Portfolio Management
    -Lease Management
    -Project Management
  • Supporting ICE, Definitive Logic performed the following TRIRIGA operations and maintenance functions:
    -Make sure day-to-day operations goes smoothly by providing best-in-class customer support.
    -Implement enhancements in TRIRIGA as users identify better ways of performing their task.
    -Make modifications to several TRIRIGA and BIRT reports to provide better transparency and support decision making to upper management.
    -Enhance integration with other systems to pull necessary data points to improve functionality.
    -Support rigorous audit and security requirements.
  • Below are ICE IT requirements/mandates supported by Definitive Logic:
    -Project lifecycle scope, cost and schedule transparency
    -Improved management, measurement, and reporting capabilities
    -Identify and enable cost savings and avoidance opportunities
    -Process and data standardization
    -Informed decision-making based on metrics
    -Enable opportunities to reduce duplication of services
    -Enable Facilities Master Planning
    -Enable prioritization of projects
    -Enable lease administration planning

Work over the last year included two major accomplishments:

First, five major system releases were completed including several user functionality and system enhancements such as GSA interface enhancements, improved approval routing process for contracts as well as reporting and portal enhancements.

Second, the whole RPMS application was lifted and moved to the cloud as one of the leading applications to meet ICE’s mandate to move all applications to the AWS Cloud. This required installing TRIRIGA in an AWS Cloud environment. Steps to do so required documenting configuration, automating migration activities, performing acceptance testing, and achieving transfer approval. In this effort to automate the migration, DL employed Terraform, Chef and Jennings technologies.

Work supported by Definitive Logic directly enabled the 75 active RPMS users to perform critical tasks managing ICE’s 794 buildings, 1,035 active or upcoming leases, and 1,027 managed projects over the last year. This work totaled over $70 million dollars in expenditures that directly supported ICE operations across the globe in the fiscal year 2019. Without RPMS and its continued operations and maintenance, ICE mission readiness would quickly degrade. Definitive Logic takes great pride in its role supporting ICE and the RPMS.

Please contact us to find out how Definitive Logic can help you modernize, improve, operate and maintain your TRIRIGA system.

Jack Dempsey

Asset Management Practice Director

Jack Dempsey is a Director at Definitive Logic, a mid-sized technology company, specializing in the implementation of advanced, technology enabled asset management systems and enterprise risk and resource management decision support solutions. Has led numerous asset management system implementations from enterprise scale across Federal agencies to targeted implementations for public utilities. He currently serves as the Convener of ISO TC 251 Asset Management Product Improvement Work Group, and as the Vice Chair of the US National Academy’s Committee for a Strategy to Renew Federal Facilities. Jack is also proudly an IAM Fellow.