Asset management is not a passing fad. It has been part of the human thought process since we first started using primitive tools. Today, asset management system thinking extends to how organizations manage large, complex, and distributed real property portfolios on an enterprise scale.

Definitive Logic is expert and experienced helping organizations do exactly this. Our specialty is in integrating and digitizing your policies, business processes, and information management activities into streamlined, impactful resource decision making frameworks. To do so, an organization is advantaged when they have an overarching vision for how enterprise planning works as a decision-making system. To establish an effective decision-making system, the organization must be able to answer the following questions:

  • What assets are needed, how are they needed, and how will they be managed?
  • How will roles, responsibilities, and authorities be defined to manage assets?
  • What information will be used, and how will risk be considered in decision making?
  • What resources, competencies, communications, and information are needed?
  • How will strategies and processes be dynamically evolved adjusting to changes?
  • How is performance measured, evaluated, audited, and reviewed?
  • How does the organization incorporate lessons learned and continual improvement?

Definitive Logic’s approach to helping organizations digitize their enterprise planning capabilities addresses these questions. Please download our paper to learn more about how this can be done. This paper is tailored for a federal agency, given specific references to US governmental policies, but the approach outlined is applicable to other large governmental organizations as well as large corporations that required complex governance structures to operate effectively.

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