The IBM TRIRIGA platform has been widely deployed in the industry over the past 15+ years. It has a rich set of functionality and features to manage an enterprise footprint. However, Usability has been a challenging area that demanded additional attention from IBM.

In recent years, IBM has introduced a “model view controller” (MVC) based user interface that is compatible with Google Polymer. This MVC streamlines configuration of the User Interface (UI) using development tools like JavaScript and CSS. In turn, this creates many opportunities to improve the look and feel of the application leading to a much better UX.

For a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) client, Definitive Logic built a prototype using this capability and produced a landing page for users that replaced the grid/table interface of the default TRIRIGA portals. The new UX landing page wraps the traditional TRIRIGA tables with icons that have a feel of an “App” layout, like a smartphone. With this method, the UI improves navigation and productivity substantially. When this was introduced, the feedback from the front-end user community was overwhelmingly positive.

To further enhance the UX, Definitive Logic also made use of other approaches such as configuring the triblock-table component to render customizable tables. This enabled users to organize the information the way they want to see it. Additionally, this capability enables users to set conditional formatting criteria and thresholds to streamline business workflows, analysis activities, and digital insight. A simple example is making “Completed” status green and draft “Retired” status black. If you are interested in this or other TRIRIGA UX enhancements please feel free to contact us, or visit the IBM site on TRIRIGA UX.