The United States Air Force (USAF) selected Definitive Logic to develop a comprehensive operational assessment of readiness and lethality in just 30 days. Air Force senior leaders sought to transform today’s reactionary paradigm into a proactive readiness model that allows leaders to better understand the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order effects of the decisions they are faced with, as well as assisting them by providing accurate information to confidently answer readiness questions:


The specific goals were to find out the following:

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Advanced HR Analytics Case Study

  • What are the true effects of sustained operations in the Middle East on our ability to fight and win a “high-end” fight against a near-peer competitor?
  • What is the long-term readiness effect of standing down squadrons for 90 days (i.e., sequestration)?
  • Where should we invest (e.g., maintenance training, parts, modifications, flying hours) to achieve the greatest ROI on improving aircraft mission capable rates?
  • Is the career field and rank mix at the home station and deployed location fulfilling the combatant commands’ requirements?
  • What is the deployment timeline per career field, per source Major Command and base?
  • What is the readiness rating for Airmen as they deploy; are they missing gear or required training?

Within 30 days, Definitive Logic worked with Product Owners and Stakeholders to configure and demonstrate a pilot solution that met the needs of the USAF.

Definitive Logic provided a visually stunning, data-driven decision-making solution that answered the Air Force’s needs for rapid data integration to enable the tie of resourcing to readiness. The following deliveries were made:

Streamline data from 19 disparate Authoritative Data Sources

  • Create and synchronize connections
  • Integrate them all to tell a Comprehensive Readiness Story down to the transactional level
  • Create metrics
  • Create an impactful and stunning visual
  • Develop what-if capability
  • Develop predictive analysis

From a technical standpoint, we applied a data architecture featuring components necessary to support “Big Data”, including Hadoop to enable a near Real-time Ingestion of Data Sources. We also applied different Data Science techniques enabling Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning using Python. Finally, we chose Qlik Sense® to deliver the advanced data visualization with a common data layer. Following is a snapshot of the final executive dashboard delivered.

Our ability to leverage these advanced Data Science techniques in combination with our extensive knowledge of personnel and financial systems as well as  effective Change Management and Training backgrounds will positively impact people and training and produce the best ROI for your organization.

Samantha Haberlach

Samantha Haberlach

Human Capital Practice Director

Samantha is passionate about Digital Transformation for our Department of Defense, Federal Agency, and private sector clients. With 25+ years of AF and Corporate experience in Human Resources, Information Technology and Financial Management, she has a broad base of knowledge. Specializing in Business Process Analysis, Stakeholder and Change Management, she directly leads the technical teams for Human Capital systems and provides a unique perspective to help clients integrate across functional areas, and transform their process onto new software platforms. Minimizing customization. Enabling maximum higher Return on Investment.