As businesses and governments, large and small, continue to adapt to a pandemic and a socially change-driven world, the success or failure of their organizations will largely depend on their most valued asset: their people. Finding the best talent, hiring them quickly and onboarding them efficiently has always been challenging and is even more so in today’s environment. To overcome these challenges, and source the best internal and external candidates, Chief Information Officers, working in close collaboration with Chief Human Resource Officers, should be implementing Human Resource Information Systems that:

  • Utilize cloud-based platforms that keep the candidate experience at the center of the recruiting process by leveraging innovative technologies such as chatbots, and modern, mobile-friendly UX to provide candidates with a compelling consumer-like experience

  • Enable data-driven decisions that transform HR from cost centers to value generators while driving business growth through holistic talent development

  • Utilize platforms that offer unified technologies for an end-to-end solution for sourcing, recruiting, offering and onboarding of talent

Organizations would partner with industry leaders who are platform agnostic and capable of planning, designing and implementing solutions that deliver a return on investment that saves the organization time, money, and manpower. Industry leaders would provide a Project Plan and Roadmap to schedule and prioritize capabilities based on the organization’s requirements. Chosen partners would work with Product Owners and Stakeholders to construct solutions that meet the organization’s needs with minimal configuration/customization.

To deliver a cloud-based solution that keeps the candidate experience at the forefront, Solution Architects would implement a platform that enables the recruiting team to have direct control over the design, messaging, tone and content of a compelling candidate portal. In addition, the entire candidate experience should be fully mobile, responsive to support a frictionless application process and incorporate multi-media in the site content and job descriptions to keep the candidate engaged. The solution would also enable recruiters to target candidate pools and market open requisitions to both internal and external candidates, which drives proactive engagement, builds a robust talent pipeline and enables data-driven HR decisions. Finally, the configured solution must include comprehensive end-to-end functionality from job requisitions, sourcing campaigns, approvals workflows, candidate selection, electronic offer distribution and seamless candidate to new hire workflow as part of an integrated experience for hiring managers, recruiters and HR.