HCM Challenges

Today’s business challenges demand timely information to make better decisions, take action, and correct problems before they affect the company’s performance. HR executives face tremendous pressure to prepare their companies to compete across an accelerating global landscape, and they must ensure that they have the right workforce mix to respond to these pressures. Employees are an organization’s most valued asset, and the HR leaders responsible for identifying, recruiting, acquiring, and retaining the talent to take your business into the future, need complete, timely, and accurate information. HCM Cloud Dashboards have been designed to guide HR executives to answer the tough questions they face every day, including “How do we retain and develop talent?”; “How do we maximize productivity while balancing costs?”; “Are we hiring high-performance employees?”; “Are we maintaining a diverse workforce?”… and more.

HCM Cloud Dashboards

HCM Cloud dashboards and reports answer the key questions and help solve the most pressing strategic problems facing HR teams today from the moment they begin using the application. These focused dashboards are also easy to use and intuitively invite users to interactively explore the data right then and there, resulting in a self-service model that eliminates the need to have custom one-off reports built to further investigate. Through intelligence dashboards, HCM Cloud provides powerful metrics, alerts, and reports to executives, HR professionals and line managers, enabling them to understand how workforce factors are affecting individual departments and take appropriate actions. It integrates critical data from across the enterprise value chain transforming silos of information into relevant, timely, and actionable insight. Most importantly, it guides the business to make informed decisions by focusing on the key linkage between workforce and business goals.

Workforce Analytics Dashboard

Actionable Insights


Executives and C-Suite Leaders (CFO, CIO, COO) Chief HR Officer (CHRO) and HR Leaders
Set organizational goals and cross-functional alignment Develop talent strategy/systems for sustainable growth
Increase retention of top performers Manage global regulatory and compliance risk
Find new business opportunities Develop global leadership pipeline
HR Business Partner (BP) HR Analyst
Drive insight from data for evidence-based decisions Deliver timely workforce information to HR leaders
Reduce lost productivity from turnover Reduce time/cost to produce compliance reporting
Be a confident consultant to your team Monitor cost and efficiency of HR programs


Dashboard Insights
HR Performance Correlate financial measures with key workforce metrics to demonstrate HR’s strategic value in the organization and quantify the return of investment on HR and workforce.
Headcount Provide core data foundation for HR reporting and analysis in headcount, attrition, diversity, and headcount movement. Monitor workforce diversity compliance.
Workforce Mobility

Provide workforce planning with easy visibility into global

staffing, retention, contingent labor usage, and improved workforce performance by focusing on internal mobility and talent development.

Workforce Trends Analyze trends in attrition rate, hires/termination headcounts and identify HR inefficiencies and loss in productivity
Talent Profiles Provide key insights into employee skills and gaps which helps strategic workforce planning by gauging the supply and demand of talent. Leaders can leverage this information and understand their talent pool, identify gaps, consider employees for certain initiatives, suggest training, set goals, and give them career advice.
Performance and Goals Provide key metrics such as missing performance ratings, evaluation statuses, goal statuses, performance documents created/non-created to identify process inefficiencies in annual/mid-term performance cycles
Succession & Talent Review Provide insights into potential risk and impact of loss candidates, high performers, leadership potential candidates to better plan for future talent. These dynamic, highly visual, and interactive Dashboards enable HR and business leaders to facilitate leadership discussions for a cohesive experience.
Career Development Provide insights into career development opportunities, career preferences, and employee career growth. Provide data-driven contextual learning insights into individual development plans and career goals
Learning Management Assess learning offerings and how those programs affect employee performance and tenure and monitor program enrollment and completion to understand how activity and completion affect quality of workforce.
Recruiting Provide valuable insights to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire recruitment lifecycle including new hires’ post-hire performance, better measure quality of hire, optimize candidate sourcing, analyze recruitment pipeline and ‘hire-to-retire’ process efficiency, and monitor vacancies and reduce time to fill.
Compensation Monitor total payroll costs, e.g. payroll costs, overtime spend, and variable compensation. Analyze employee compensation with performance; reward and retain high performers with potential.
Leave & Absence Monitor planned and unexpected absence events to gain greater insight into lost productivity, and measure absence events over time to highlight trends and exceptions.
Benefits Provide Insights into overall employee/employer costs, dependent coverage Information, life events and missing enrollments to better manage and improve employee experience