The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) selected Definitive Logic to implement USAASC leadership’s vision for the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) civilian personnel development by providing Talent Management (TM) tools. The Director for Acquisition Career Management (DACM) had specific goals in mind to support deliberate development, training, experiences and mentoring for the civilian acquisition workforce. The DACM maintains a philosophy of putting people first to ensure that Army acquisition TM provides the workforce with the best opportunities, education, and leadership development to build a successful career “from hire to retire.” In this TM concept, the following will be accomplished to support:

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US Army Oracle HCM Cloud Case Study

  • Enhanced and automated TM processes
  • Cloud-based, intuitive, end-user interface
  • Clear, collaborative, data-driven decisions for specific career development
  • Employee visibility on job opportunities, and track long term career goals

The Army tasked Definitive Logic to pilot and demonstrate Oracle HCM in support of the Army civilian employee development initiative for Acquisition civilian workforce, while adhering to the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act and the Defense Acquisition University Training and Continuous Learning Program.

Definitive Logic identified and restructured TM business processes to capitalize on the Oracle HCM Cloud software capabilities, incorporating the Acquisition career field requirements. Within 4 short months, Definitive Logic worked with the product owners and stakeholders to configure and demonstrate a pilot solution that meets the USAASC needs. Each of these workstreams included personalized business processes, access, and workflow configuration, business process documentation, platform recommendation, and an implementation plan to go live.

The result was a solution that was timely, accessible, efficient, and accurate. The foundation of the prototype included personnel records and workforce structures with positions, skills, competencies and goals to support all aspects of TM with built-in analytics. This software allowed 3 specific levels with roles-based access:

  • Career field managers have dashboards to control succession planning for their entire group
  • Supervisors have dashboards and direct access to records to assist career progression
  • Members have the transparency to see job options with the skills required, enabling them to plan their goals

The resulting prototype and demonstrations directly influenced DACM decisions for platform selection. This bolstered the TM initiative to develop Acquisition employees both strategically and deliberately. USAASC’s efforts will improve morale and retention which helps personnel to perform at their highest level for the U.S. Army.

Samantha Haberlach

Samantha Haberlach

Human Capital Practice Director

Samantha is passionate about Digital Transformation for our Department of Defense, Federal Agency, and private sector clients. With 25+ years of AF and Corporate experience in Human Resources, Information Technology and Financial Management, she has a broad base of knowledge. Specializing in Business Process Analysis, Stakeholder and Change Management, she directly leads the technical teams for Human Capital systems and provides a unique perspective to help clients integrate across functional areas, and transform their process onto new software platforms. Minimizing customization. Enabling maximum higher Return on Investment.