Are you interested in how DHS and DoD are leaning forward in their asset management initiatives? Join Definitive Logic at the Virtual SAME Facilities Management Workshop that’s occurring July 29th- 31st, 2020 ( General sessions and keynote speakers will explore current and future resource challenges and strategic efforts to adapt and change in an uncertain and resource-constrained environment.

We will be facilitating 2 sessions. The first will cover how DHS is overhauling its Facility Planning and Programming Capabilities for its facility portfolio (over 100 million square feet) and the impact these changes will have on its components (Coast Guard, CBP, ICE, FEMA, and TSA to name a few). The second will provide a unique opportunity to listen to senior experts give a near future look on what the Air Force and Army are doing to improve on their respective Facility Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (FSRM) programs. This presentation will compare the Air Force and Army FSRM decision making strategies. Specific emphasis will be given to how each gathers data from the field and purposes it to support enterprise resource decision making for the Air Force’s and Army’s FRSM programs.

For more information on these 2 sessions (

 Facility Management, Operations, and Maintenance: Convergence of Air Force and Army FSRM Decision-Making Strategies (July 29th)
 DHS Overhauls its Facility Planning and Programming Capabilities (July 30th)

SAME Workshop with Jack Dempsey