Overnight, business leaders around the world are adjusting to how COVID-19 is impacting their employees, customers, and communities.

An accurate and efficient HCM solution is an invaluable part of any business operations. But during a global crisis, the HCM solution becomes invaluable. An HCM solution should provide you with the data needed to manage people and organizational performance efficiently and accurately. Relying on multiple databases, systems, and spreadsheets to obtain your operational data is inefficient and creates serious problems when rapid decisions are needed.

As the affected government officials mandate closures or modified business practices, organizations must be agile. Business leaders need to be ready to change business practices as necessary and make informed HR, financial, and operational decisions. (e.g., Employee contact information, Geographical locations for teams and individual employees, alternative suppliers, or temporarily close operations) Your business HCM data must answer these critical questions.

During crisis operations, an HCM solution allows the leadership team, Finance and, HR, gather the information when they need it while collaborating to solve problems, knowing that the same data source informs their decisions in real-time, and regardless of location. It also allows business teams to review their current operational structure and project operations based on current or future constraints, i.e., resource allocation due to changes in daily activities or downsizing due to economic downturns or government mandates.
During these difficult times, take a closer look at your current business process; Which operational processes need streamlining to benefit you, your people, and your business performance?

If you do not have an HCM solution to obtain your operational data efficiently during a crisis, you’re likely utilizing archaic processes such as sending files, uploading documents into a shared drive, or going through paper records to gather this critical information. Replacing these antiquated processes for your business is within reach.