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Definitive Logic is pleased to announce the latest release to its popular Power BI custom visual, Line and Stacked Column Chart with Table. We listened to feedback from the Power BI community and have incorporated many requested features into this release. Additionally, the latest release comes with a unique market distinction – it is now Microsoft Certified. This new Power BI Visual provides additional features that users will love. You can download the visual here –

Now Certified!

What certification means
Earning Microsoft’s Certified badge is a big accomplishment. Microsoft requires that custom visuals go through a formal review process to ensure the visual meets their high level of standards. The release is required to pass a variety of tests to ensure the visual meets performance standards, works in a variety of environments and is error-free. Certification also requires that a custom visual is free from known security vulnerabilities.

New Enhancements

More Customization Options
To provide users with more control over the custom visual, we added several new customization options under “Table Formatting”. This section now provides users the ability to customize table background color, control alternating row color, and update border styles including color and width.

Many users will appreciate the added control over potential NULL values. Previously NULL values would be displayed as hyphens, but users can now set whatever value they want to be displayed in those circumstances.

Null Value Placeholder

Conditional Formatting
Conditional formatting can really strengthen what messages are conveyed from the data. Knowing how important that can be when presenting reports, our custom visual now provides conditional formatting within the “Table Formatting” and “Column Formatting”.

Formatting options include the ability to format by color scale or custom rules. Unique colors can be set for cell background, font colors, and graph column colors. This new functionality can help take your reports to the next level.

Conditional Table Formatting

Conditional Column Formatting

Additional Functionality
Certified Power BI Visuals provide users with additional functionality that users can’t enjoy otherwise. For example, only certified visuals can be exported. Now that our Line and Stacked Column Chart with Table is certified, you can export the visual to PowerPoint and PDF. Additionally, the certification enables the visual to be displayed directly in received emails when a user is subscribed to report pages.

At Definitive Logic, we are vendor-neutral. We use technologies from a wide range of market-leading vendors, like Microsoft, to meet our customers’ needs. Our real-life experiences give us a solid basis for giving you fact-based advice. Mentions of specific technologies and vendors aren’t an endorsement. They just provide context. In this article, we name Microsoft because of their prominent role in the market.

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