Definitive Logic understands the importance of Diversity & Inclusion and believes that every person should be treated with respect and fairness. DL understands how HR analytics can help your organization with Diversity & Inclusion goals.  As companies undergo digital transformation, many are also beginning to understand the need to transform their D&I initiatives as well. Organizational leaders leverage powerful analytics and automation to achieve digital transformation and those same tech solutions can help them achieve goals related to D&I. For instance, when implementing Diversity & Inclusion strategies, how do you leverage and analyze workforce data to figure out what moments need an initiative or prove which initiatives are effective?

Leaders understand typical HR lifecycles, “hiring-to-retiring”, and how cloud or ERP solutions allow for effective Workforce Planning and Talent Management with the goal of taking care of their people and staying ahead of the competition. Effective HR or People & Culture departments go further, leveraging these powerful technologies and analytics to delve deeper into key touchpoints along the employee lifecycle. They treat D&I initiatives and measurements like individual projects. Touchpoints like recruiting, hiring, mentoring, internal training programs and promotion opportunities, and employee evaluations have their goals and measurements.

Analytical approaches for effective Diversity & Inclusion described here are intended to start discussions on how we can move away from previously accepted approaches to people management like “gut feeling” or “culture fit”. Effective D&I strategies that leverage technology and analytics increase the feeling of belonging within the organization, while elevating engagement, productivity, and business results. To truly have a diverse and inclusive organization, be intentional and invest in new ways of thinking about hiring and organizational culture.

Written by:
Frederick Cummings
Program Project Manager at Definitive Logic