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The U.S. Air Force Lifecycle Management Center (AFLCMC) selected Definitive Logic (DL) to implement a Talent and Learning Management System (LMS) to track training for one group of the Air Force’s Air Combat Command (ACC) Special Warfare Airmen. As with many Operational career fields, this group of Airmen must maintain a high number of skills and critical training standards to ensure mission readiness. ACC leadership envisioned a new LMS that would provide:

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US Air Force Oracle HCM Cloud Case Study

    • Clear, data-driven decisions for career development and mission readiness
    • Real-time entry of employee training progress
    • Electronic learning content delivery
    • Leadership and employee visibility of training status and currency
    • Cloud-based, mobile-enabled, intuitive, end-user interface

AFLCMC requested that DL utilize Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) SaaS, Talent and Learning modules to provide a cloud-based, mobile-enabled Talent Management platform. This choice would take advantage of the reliability, accessibility, cybersecurity benefits, and lower system maintenance costs offered by commercial Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The Special Warfare community can now use the new Talent Management and Learning Integration (TMALI) to track and log training and experience.

Within five (5) months, DL worked with the process owners and stakeholders to configure and deliver a fully capable prototype that met ACC’s needs, including a full reengineering of the training documentation and tracking process. These new processes capitalized on the Oracle HCM Cloud software capabilities to log training in real-time with fewer keyboard strokes and data fields, which enabled simple reports, dashboards for each level of leadership, predictive analytics, and saved time for Airmen. DL leveraged Agile development to execute iterative sprints after creating a minimum viable product, increasing functionality as the product owners identified new requirements.

The effort included requirements analysis, design, configuration and development, data conversions and migrations, and test, deployment, and sustainment activities. DL also provided a communication plan to instruct ACC on the best change management industry practices for implementing new software to its end users.

The end result was a timely, accessible, efficient, and accurate LMS. The foundation of TMALI included personnel records and workforce structures with positions to support talent management as well as learning management and content delivery with built-in analytics. Benefits include:

    • Enhanced user interface with fewer clicks and mobile accessibility
    • New remote learning with local trainers uploading “readfile” content for compliance requirements and completion verification of each member
    • Enhanced decision-making from dashboards with new reports and analytics; leadership can view their personnel’s training currency at a glance
    • Increased cybersecurity from hosting within Oracle’s HCM Government Cloud
    • Data reliability from TMALI integrating with authoritative Air Force HR sources ensuring accurate data for end user accounts and workforce structures
    • Annual cost savings of $390K by replacing a legacy system with modern SaaS

The TMALI lays a foundation for ACC’s vision to strategically and deliberately develop Special Warfare Airmen to maintain a ready force, while maintaining flexibility to support other career fields across the Air Force and Air Education Training Command. Future enhancements for TMALI will enable succession planning as ACC leaders monitor in-house training progression via additional reports and analytics. This information better enables leadership to forecast career field proficiency and end strength. AFLCMC and DL now have an Air Force plan to easily expand TMALI to support additional career fields and unlimited learning content.

Samantha Haberlach

Samantha Haberlach

Human Capital Practice Director

Samantha is passionate about Digital Transformation for our Department of Defense, Federal Agency, and private sector clients. With 25+ years of AF and Corporate experience in Human Resources, Information Technology and Financial Management, she has a broad base of knowledge. Specializing in Business Process Analysis, Stakeholder and Change Management, she directly leads the technical teams for Human Capital systems and provides a unique perspective to help clients integrate across functional areas, and transform their process onto new software platforms. Minimizing customization. Enabling maximum higher Return on Investment.