Welcome to volume #5 of our Quarterly Tech2 Brief!  When it comes to digital transformation, organizations often focus most of their effort on the IT platforms. This can lead to gaps in customer experience with the technology employed and leave the capability provider struggling to understand where things went wrong. The opportunity for positive return on investment from change management is huge. Organizations with an effective change management program realize 143% of the expected ROI from innovation initiatives, while organizations with little or no change management only achieved 35% of expected ROI1. This doesn’t mean it is easy. Another big problem organizations face when implementing change management is trying to do “all the things” at once. A lack of focus and investment of time on the highest priority initiatives leads to a 60-70% failure rate2.

At DL, we are practitioners of effective change management. This is demonstrated through our exceptional company culture and commitment to our Credo Principles. Give us a shout. We’ll help you identify change initiatives and achieve a positive ROI for your organization.

1 McKinsey
2 Harvard Business Review

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