Emergency Management

Orchestrating complex data and systems in time-sensitive,
mission-critical settings

Our technology leaders in the Emergency Management (EM) practice combine domain expertise and data analytics to build more resilient communities against both natural and man-made disasters. Our capabilities help organizations maximize current and future investments in support of all EM phases: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation. We “meet customers where they are” to build or modernize information technology (IT) solutions quickly and efficiently, resulting in safer communities.

Disaster Analytics

Disaster support requires effective collaboration and coordination of people, processes, and technologies to deliver the right information at the right time. Multiple systems and databases span different technological generations, creating data integration and reporting challenges that reduce an organization’s effectiveness. In the case of disasters, these challenges can lead to inefficient processes that adversely impact life and property. We increase organizations’ analytical maturity to better prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate losses from future disasters.

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Evidence-Based Decisions

Decisions are only as good as the information and processes used to arrive at those decisions. More than 70% of all data is never used for analytics resulting in decisions largely based on observation and intuition, which also introduces additional subjectivity and bias that impacts decisions in unexpected ways. We combine policy and data in new and innovative ways to make well-informed, and fact-based, decisions that are extremely credible and defensible.

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Grants Optimization

Grant funding accounts for approximately 16% of the Federal Government’s annual budget, making it critically important to properly manage those funds and help communities increase resilience while mitigating fraud, waste, and abuse. Although all grants management processes have some common elements, grant programs vary in hazard type, eligibility criteria, and statutory requirements. These differences make it difficult to effectively manage grants. We use technology and data to optimize grants management processes and outcomes.

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Our Insights

How Definitive Logic’s Financial Management practice can help Federal agencies transform their financial processes

How Definitive Logic’s Financial Management practice can help Federal agencies transform their financial processes

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Who We Are

Definitive Logic has 20 years experience delivering mission-impact consulting and technology solutions to the federal government and commercial clients. Our domain expertise spans Defense, Homeland Security, Emergency Management and more.

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