Enable operational logistics systems to bring ROI to our customers

Our technology leaders deliver integrated logistics information to our customers by shaping, acquiring, and sustaining IT capabilities and mission support. Our goal is to enable the operational logistics systems of our customers through developing and implementing advanced Science and Technology and process re-engineering activities that enable our customers to sustain their inventory and systems to achieve required readiness and bring return on investment in our work.

Logistics Data Solutions

We enable the operational logistics systems of our customers through system consolidation, enhancement, and modernization. We strive to standardize processes & data and improve agility, supply chain security and reliability.

Strategic Decision Making

Through technology insertion and agility, we strive to provide real-time data flow and to enhance decision making via “clean data.” We treat data as a strategic, operational and tactical asset.


We focus on implementing and promoting real-time data feeds to enhance decision making using modern, commercial best practices, cloud-based technologies, and solutions.

Our Insights

Our national motto is E Pluribus Unum, not E Pluribus Pluribus

Our national motto is E Pluribus Unum, not E Pluribus Pluribus

It’s long past time for Congress to demonstrate leadership in protecting American citizens and corporations online. In 2 of the three largest economies in the world – the E.U with $17T in GDP1 and China with $13.4T2 in GDP – are moving decisively to protect their own...

Eliminate the “Color of Money” for Software

Eliminate the “Color of Money” for Software

Eric Schmidt, former chief executive of Google, was the first chairman of the Defense Innovation Board.  During his tenure the board’s recommendations have led to impactful results such as the creation of the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, the shift...

Who We Are

Definitive Logic has 20 years experience delivering mission-impact consulting and technology solutions to the federal government and commercial clients. Our domain expertise spans Defense, Homeland Security, Emergency Management and more.

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