Data Warehousing

By their nature, data warehouse projects cross organizational and contractual lines and therefore often stir data hoarding and then turf battles.

We believe that successfully navigating such environments gets done with up front communication and diplomatic relationship building. Definitive Logic consultants have the experience to help you understand these sociological factors and help you use them to your advantage to build and maintain a Data Warehousing solution.

Data WarehousingOur Approach

Through deep experience in Kimball and Inmon data warehousing, DL consultants understand the challenges and risks that typically arise at different points in a DW lifecycle, and can help you build consensus to stay on track. We manage the full scope of EDW deployments:

  • EDW Architecture & Design
  • Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL) Development
  • Design & Development of the back-end systems
  • Report & Dashboard Development through our Business Intelligence services
  • End-user Training