Human Capital

Transformational talent management. We are enabling a data-driven and frictionless automated workforce management.

Accelerate talent acquisition, employee performance, audit readiness, to drive transformation in workforce management. Our clients are elated with our combination of workforce programming and budgeting, talent management data and analytics, and integrated commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. We deliver the necessary technology, expertise, and business process reengineering to efficiently and effectively collaborate with our clients to build a single source of truth and high-quality workforce data.

HCM Technology

At Definitive logic, our certified core HCM and Talent Management experts in both on-premise and cloud HCM Applications provide Cost Effective, Scalable, Predictive solutions with best practices in mind throughout the implementation and maintenance life cycles. This enables customers to maximize the rate of return on technology investments, improve customer satisfaction and ensure high retention of employee talent.

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Workforce Analytics

DL migrates and integrates workforce data, providing a platform where modern automated analytic tools can produce enhanced visualization and a lifecycle approach to Human Capital Management. These capabilities enable data driven decision-making in areas like recruiting, development, utilization, compensation, retention, and transition.

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Workforce Planning

Definitive Logic breaks down the stovepipes by integrating Financial and HR data. This effort will save time and money by providing an automated, single source for reporting and forecasting the financials for people related questions like manpower requirements, compensation, training, equipment, and workforce modeling.

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Samantha Haberlach

Human Capital Practice Director

Samantha is passionate about Digital Transformation for our Department of Defense, Federal Agency, and private sector clients. With 25+ years of AF and Corporate experience in Human Resources, Information Technology and Financial Management, she has a broad base of knowledge. Specializing in Business Process Analysis, Stakeholder and Change Management, she directly leads the technical teams for Human Capital systems and provides a unique perspective to help clients integrate across functional areas, and transform their process onto new software platforms. Minimizing customization. Enabling maximum higher Return on Investment.

Our Insights

Definitive Logic Joins Women in the Workforce: A Journey in STEM

Definitive Logic Joins Women in the Workforce: A Journey in STEM

Women in the Workforce: A Journey in STEM that took place on September 2nd featured discussions about the challenges professional women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics experience beginning in grade school and moving through college and into their...

Strategic Workforce Planning During Ongoing Crises

Strategic Workforce Planning During Ongoing Crises

Many government agencies and businesses are implementing Strategic Workforce Planning as a capability to meet current and future challenges for service delivery to achieve gains inefficiency. As the world continues to grapple with perpetual crises, never has the need...

Key Components of People Management

Key Components of People Management

Human Resources professionals know that a company’s' workforce is their most important asset. Today, Business leaders recognize that in this ever-changing global economy world, people management strategies are a crucial aspect of a business.  People management...

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Definitive Logic has 20 years delivering mission-impact consulting and technology services to federal government and commercial clients.  Our domain expertise spans Defense, Homeland Security, Healthcare IT, and Emergency Management and more

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