Real Estate + Asset Management

Delivering high-speed, IT-enabled decision support solutions for real estate / real property executives and practitioners

Real Estate & Asset IT Strategy

Definitive Logic is an industry leader digitizing and IT-enabling decision support solutions for clients operating large, complex and distributed real estate portfolios. Our solutions get right to the heart of the matter delivering streamline, high impact solutions so decision makers can focus on important risk-based decision-making needs.

Enterprise Planning

Definitive Logic is expert in advancing and tuning complex management systems into IT-enabled force multipliers empowering enterprise planning and strategic decision making.  We are highly experienced in configuring IT to focus asset investment planning striking the right balance between objectives, requirements, capabilities, and desired outcomes.

Portfolio Analytics & Budget Formulation

Definitive Logic delivers breakthrough analysis providing clarity integrating strategic and long range planning with on-going financial planning, programing, budgeting and execution decision making.  We are expert in generating concise action-oriented plans and strategies using agile approaches to accelerate return on investments. 

Practice Director

Rana Lahiri


Definitive Logic is a seasoned expert deploying commercial integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) using real time data streams, (e.g. Internet of Things (IoT)). We are expert in delivering stable IT-enabled capabilities aligning real estate and real property work management, programing, planning, and decision making with the highest needs of the organization.

Operating real property and real estate portfolios is complex, daunting and expensive. Definitive Logic understands what it takes to manage these assets. We offer breakthrough consulting and digital transformation services to effectively and efficiently manage these portfolios. Through our expertise we increase asset and data utility, reduce risk, accelerate decision making, and generate value derived from real property and real estate portfolios for our clients and their stakeholders.

Learn ISO 55000 from Jack Dempsey

Solutions > Real Estate + Asset Management > Real Estate + Asset IT Strategy Jack Dempsey explains what is ISO 55000 and what things you should be thinking about for the future.  Understanding how these terms and relationships manifest themselves across the standards is essential to understanding how ISO 55000 works. Specifically, evaluation of an …

What is ISO 55000?

Solutions > Real Estate + Asset Management > Real Estate + Asset IT Strategy The next framing question is; what is ISO 55000? ISO 55000 is a collection of three standards with ISO 55001 – Asset Management – Management Systems – Requirements being the centerpiece for all of them. This standard defines what is required …

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