Real Estate + Asset Management

Providing accelerated paths to achieve analytical velocity for Real Estate executives.

Enterprise Planning

Definitive Logic has pioneered new, powerful echelons in enterprise planning platforms for large, complex and distributed real property and real estate portfolio owners. Our solutions generate breakthrough capabilities enabling our clients to rapidly integrate risk, performance, and resource decision making across whole asset life cycles, operating environments and mission sets.

Asset Management System Digital Transformation

Definitive Logic is an industry leader advancing our client’s asset management systems through internationally recognized thought leadership and digital transformation. Our services are distinguished by leveraging digital transformations to accelerate value generation and mission achievement. Take a self-administered asset management maturity assessment to gain insights on your organization’s capabilities.

Practice Director

Rana Lahiri

Integrated Workplace Management Solutions

Definitive Logic is a leader implementing digital workplace management solutions. We deliver lean operating models coupled to design effective, optimized business processes, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Our IWMS solutions consistently deliver critical capabilities our client’s need to manage their complex portfolios.

Program & IT Strategy

Definitive Logic is expert in developing low-disruption, high-impact accelerated strategies our clients need to digitize real property and real estate portfolio management requirements. Our services are distinguished by their ability to crosscut management stovepipes, technologies and data architectures. Where others talk about better, faster, cheaper trade-offs. Definitive Logic’s solutions drive value through services that integrate easy better, easy faster, and easy cheaper end-to-end business solutions.

Operating real property and real estate portfolios is complex, daunting and expensive. Definitive Logic understands what it takes to manage these assets. We offer forward-thinking suite consulting and digital transformation services to effectively and efficiently manage these portfolios. Through our expertise we increase asset and data utility, reduce risk, accelerate decision making, and generate value derived from real property and real estate portfolios for our clients and their stakeholders.

Learn ISO 55000 from Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey explains what is ISO 55000 and what things you should be thinking about for the future.  Understanding how these terms and relationships manifest themselves across the standards is essential to understanding how ISO 55000 works. Specifically, evaluation of an organization’s conformance to ISO 55001 is predicated on its approach to managing assets, asset …

What is ISO 55000?

The next framing question is; what is ISO 55000? ISO 55000 is a collection of three standards with ISO 55001 – Asset Management – Management Systems – Requirements being the centerpiece for all of them. This standard defines what is required to operate a fully functional, disciplined asset management system. It is not a “how …

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