Real Estate & Asset Management

Accelerate IT-enabled decision support solutions for real estate
and real property executives

Operating real estate and real property portfolios is complex, daunting, and expensive. Definitive Logic understands what it takes to manage these assets. Our digital services transform the way organizations control and analyze their physical footprint through enterprise planning platforms, business intelligence, process and organization optimization, and adaptive technologies.

Real Estate & Asset IT Strategy

Definitive Logic is an industry leader in architecting solutions for clients operating complex and distributed portfolios. Our consulting services design a Return on Investment (ROI)-aligned enterprise roadmap that stitches together leading-edge technologies in unison with industry leading practices, ISO-55001, and process efficiencies gained by automation.

Enterprise Planning

Definitive Logic empowers clients by fusing portfolio planning, asset analytics, and financial modeling under a common digital architecture to establish multi-year capital investment plans tied to strategic goals.  This integrated capability tunes an organization’s finite resources in striking the right balance between new construction, operations and maintenance, mission requirements, risk, and desired outcomes.

Portfolio Analytics & Budget Formulation

Our Team merges and rationalizes real property and asset “big data” into a scalable information architecture that drives analytical insight for executives. We accelerate strategic decision-making by assessing key financial and operational performance indicators (KPIs) and quantifying asset risk. We’re able to leverage this information to inform future resource requirements and the overall planning, programming, budgeting, and execution processes (PPBE).


Definitive Logic has over a decade of experience deploying commercial, integrated, workplace management systems (IWMS) connected to real time data streams enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). Our value-driven approach utilizes commercially available, best-of-breed software, including IBM TRIRIGA, as well as developing cost-efficient custom applications to address potential gaps in functionality not readily offered by traditional IWMS platforms.

2020 Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo

The 2020 JETC held from May 27th-29th will have general sessions and keynote speakers that highlight how SAME are making an impact. Education and training sessions will include presentations addressing the broad technical nature of SAME’s membership

Rana Lahiri

Real Estate Practice Director

Mr. Lahiri pioneers innovative solutions for the corporate real estate and asset management, utilizing his 15+ years of industry experience. He advises Fortune 2000 clients on deploying enterprise-level transformation initiatives that integrate real estate analytics, cost reduction, portfolio optimization, and next generation technologies.

Jack Dempsey

Asset Management Expert

Jack Dempsey specializes in the implementation of technology enabled decision support solutions for facility and infrastructure portfolios with a concentration in risk-based resource decision making. He has successfully led numerous asset management system implementations for Federal agencies with portfolios spanning the globe to targeted implementations for public utilities all generating value in terms of improvements in operational readiness, time and money saved, and risks and liabilities avoided. He currently serves as a Convener of ISO Technical Committee 251 on Asset Management and as the Vice Chair of the US National Academy’s Committee for a Strategy to Renew Federal Facilities. Jack is also proudly an IAM Fellow.

Case Studies

Real Estate Transformation Q&A with Rana Lahiri

Real Estate Transformation Q&A with Rana Lahiri

Q&A sit down with Definitive Logic's own Real Estate and Asset Management Practice Director Rana Lahiri. To see what solutions we can bring to your company, check out our Real Estate and Asset Management page.

How Analytics can Transform Federal Real Estate Budget Planning

How Analytics can Transform Federal Real Estate Budget Planning

Now is the time for federal facility managers and agency real property managers to drive modernization. The new administration is led by a builder who is forming a council of real estate developers to emphasize infrastructure investment as a top priority for our...

Learn ISO 55000 from Jack Dempsey

Learn ISO 55000 from Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey explains what is ISO 55000 and what things you should be thinking about for the future.  Understanding how these terms and relationships manifest themselves across the standards is essential to understanding how ISO 55000 works. Specifically, evaluation...

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