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Converge Systems for Enterprise Value

Deciding to improve a key business process or gain visibility into operational performance is an important first step. Often, the next step involves outdated, underutilized or overly customized technology systems that are obstacles to success. Modernizing and integrating IT systems across the enterprise is essential for change.  The system engineers at Definitive Logic are experts at integrating IT systems across the enterprise, from strategic consulting and agile development to successful implementation.

Definitive Logic specializes in transforming business processes through the application of information technology. As enterprise architects with integration experience across a wide array of top-tier technologies, we deliver solutions that enhance business processes, increase performance, and optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). As cloud experts, we reduce time to market while exceeding security postures required in today’s complex hybrid computing environments.

Our Services

Business Process Improvement

Definitive Logic specializes in realigning organizational business processes and integrating technology in order to provide business automation.  We help our clients streamline business processes across all enterprise functions – including Human Resources, Payroll, Sales-force and recruitment and resource planning.

Agile Development

DL’s approach to providing agile services uses best practices from many of the leading agile frameworks (scrum, kanban, scaled agile framework, etc).  Our approach has been refined through the delivery of hundreds of projects using agile frameworks to multiple Federal Civilian, Defense, and commercial clients.  Our Agile Scrum Masters work hand-in-hand providing education and training on the agile process to our customers throughout all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and also provide system training.   In our approach, we meet with customers weekly, review progress, solicit requirements, and then plan implementation in approximately two week ‘sprints’.

API Development

Our software engineers understand the significance of Application Programming Interfaces (API) and have extensive experiences with API development across the federal government.  Our developers have deep experience across programming languages allowing us to effectively create standards for systems to communicate.  When appropriate Definitive Logic likes to utilize an API-First Strategy where we collaborate with stakeholders to build an API first, then develop the ways for which applications will utilize the API.


Definitive Logic delivers microservices through software and applications as  independently deployable, small, modular services, where each service runs a unique process and communicates through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism to serve organizational goals.

Mobile Application Development

With Definitive Logic’s Mobile Content Platform (MCP), we write code once and deploy to any major mobile platform.  Our application provide rich content and utilize mobile device capabilities such as GPS, camera, speech-to-text, cellular connections, and more.  Additional our applications adhere to DoD AES-256 security standards, capabilities of implementing custom security standards such as DES, TDES, and more.  We have built applications for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Mobile Web, PhoneGap, and Cordova.

Web/System Development

We see the world around us as a complex ‘system of systems’, and we see systems engineering as the intersection of systems thinking, information technology, and decision analytics  Our system engineering approach to problem-solving permeates everything that we do at Definitive Logic; from building solutions, hiring people, pursuing opportunities, and everything in-between.

Configuration Management

Our configuration management plan is routed in our considerable experience implementing rigorous and structured business processes across our clientele’s portfolios.  Definitive Logic follows CMMI L3 processes for creating configuration management plans, configuration management meetings, and executing quality assurance plans to ensure quality software components and deliverables.  

Technology Integration Services

Our work spans a diverse cross-section of modern industries across both the public and private sector

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