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Compliance concerns, aging technologies and a demand for greater visibility into enterprise performance are driving organizations to re-think how they operate. How can modern technologies improve mission delivery? Which business practices help to better plan for the future? Where should you start?

Definitive Logic guides organizational leaders with answers to questions like these. We focus on quality delivery while driving time and cost savings through Agile Program Management principals. Our skilled consultants, business analysts, and program managers close the gap between policy and mission success, maximizing cost savings, instituting long-term efficiencies in order to provide trans-formative mission impacts.

Our Services

Business Process Transformation

At Definitive Logic we realize that technology is only useful when an organization’s business processes are aligned properly to its mission.  Redesigning business processes can drive immense cost savings and mission delivery improvement. Definitive Logic takes a systematic approach to redesigning business processes in order to help organizations modernize and become more efficient for the future.

Improved Decision Making Methods

Regardless of your mission, improving your organization’s decision making will advance your ability to adapt to an ever-changing operating climate. Our experts know how to establish appropriate success criteria which provides options to our customers on when to use COTS/GOTS vs. custom development, leverage an existing technology versus procuring a new one, and selecting on-premise versus cloud capabilities to deliver significant cost savings and improved efficiencies whenever possible.

Strategic Planning

To fully realize optimal financial and operational strategic results, you need to know what’s happening now, to visualize what should happen next, and the flexibility to adjust what you’re doing.  Definitive Logic will connect your strategic initiatives and performance measures to your existing resources, outlining a path to improve performance and plan for the future.

Performance Management

Monitoring and managing your organization’s performance against key financial and operational metrics is crucial to aligning your everyday mission activities to your long-term plans. Definitive Logic implements best practice technology agnostic performance management solutions that collect, translate, and analyze data across your enterprise.

Systems Engineering

Definitive Logic’s core skills in systems integration, business process transformation, and application modernization expertise combined with our functional expertise in financial management, real property management, and health administration ensures you can transform your business processes and technology requirements into systems that advance your business operations and performance results.

Agile Program Management

Definitive Logic’s agile development experience can coach organizations through the agile learning curve while producing functional software faster and more frequently. Definitive Logic’s PMP Certified Program Managers & Scrum Masters have extensive experience supporting government and commercial clients utilizing agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Rapid).  We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop requirements and schedules ensuring fast delivery of prioritized usable software for our clients.

Client Engagement

Successful projects are a result of clear planning, defined requirements, and cost/schedule management.  Definitive Logic places an emphasis on becoming trusted partners with all clients in order to ensure collaboration and understanding throughout all phases of a project life cycle.  We have a long tradition of successful outcomes fueled by our personnel becoming our customer’s trusted advisers and advocates.

Technology Integration Services

Our work spans a diverse cross-section of modern industries across both the public and private sector

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