Application Modernization

Rapid outcomes through Smart DevSecOps

To enable innovation, smart enterprises must modernize their application portfolios while simultaneously reducing technical debt and costs. Modernizing software, systems, and architecture is critical to digital transformation and enables agile and innovative experiences for your team and clients. It lets organizations rid themselves of legacy code and take advantage of new, innovative technologies. With DL, organizations are able to achieve the flexibility and agility they need to meet imperative business requirements and take advantage of future growth opportunities.

Application Modernization

Legacy applications are often burdened by outdated technology that hinders the ability to integrate across businesses/functions, resulting in high cost, incompatibilities, and inefficiencies. At DL, we leverage our knowledge and expertise of microservices and cloud-based architecture to break down the silos and migrate legacy apps and systems to a more modernized, de-coupled infrastructure.


At Definitive Logic, we bring over a decade of experience in DevSecOps, allowing us to help you achieve a continuous, secure approach to all stages of your software development. We help our clients initiate and improve their DevSecOps practices, identifying and leveraging the best tools to fit your organization’s unique circumstances. Our customer-focused approach will reduce costs, increase delivery speeds, enhance compliance at scale, and reduce threats to your vital services. Our agile approach is a means to an end; and it doesn’t just apply when developing software. It’s about finding your optimal model for responding to change and enabling your agency to not only effectively and efficiently respond to a rapidly changing environment but anticipate those changes and adapt proactively. A transformation driven by the need for agility requires attention to leadership, operations, and culture.

API Design/Dev

Designing and developing APIs can be difficult when modernizing old applications without leveraging the benefits for data access, reusability, and scalability. At DL, we tackle APIs with an API-Led approach that starts with the business first, systems second. Since APIs are the door to information and services, treating each API as a product will ensure they are developed right the first time.

Jim Judge

Practice Director, Technology Solutions

Jim has 30+ years of customer-focused senior technical and business experience building and delivering advanced digital products and services for apps, data and infrastructure leveraging Agile/DevSecOps tools and processes, using multi-cloud and hybrid IT-based environments. He is also a recognized SME in U.S. Public Sector on cybersecurity frameworks and standards.

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