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Protecting our customers mission data and IT systems

As you expand your core enterprise mission and IT systems to the edge, adopting new cyber strategies and implementation approaches such as zero-trust will be critical to maintaining security and compliance within these “virtualized boundaries”. At Definitive Logic, we’ve adopted a zero-trust model that implements advanced threat modeling, user and entity-based analytics across a hybrid IT and multi-cloud environment. We offer you a set of cyber services that are designed to detect emerging threats and protect critical mission data and its IT backbone, both autonomically and at scale.

Advanced Security Operations

Security operations design and engineering services that deliver security orchestration and automation capabilities (SOAR/SIEM), cyber operations thru managed detection response (SOAR+SOC integration) capabilities and advanced threat modeling using user-based behavioral data and analytics for threat detection, management and response. Our advanced cyber security services provide your operations with increased intelligence and vigilance to manage the growing volume and increasing sophisticated behavior of modern cyber threats.

Data Security & Identity Access

Data security and identity services to support the design and engineering of your data security models and identity access controls from core systems to edge devices. Our services deliver end-to-end data security throughout its lifecycle. We assess and implement industry best-practice identity systems that ensure minimum viable access from legitimate and lawful actors.

Risk & Compliance

Continuous risk, compliance and ATO system support service for cloud and cyber controls addressing: Containers 800-190/190a, CMMC 800-171, Secure Controls Framework (SCF) 800-53, ISO27001 and Risk Management Framework (RMF) 800-37, Zero Trust 800-207. We ensure you meet your compliance standards in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Integrating our risk and compliance management capabilities into your modern IT technologies (cloud/microservices/containers) and processes (DevSecOps).

Security Policy and Configuration Management

Cloud-based security implementation services that leverage cloud native policies from AWS, Azure, and other multi-cloud-based resources. We architecture, design and develop cloud security governance models by delivering the tools and templates that continuously monitor and manage your cyber requirements from development to production.

Jim Judge

Cloud & Cyber Practice Director

Jim has 30+ years of customer-focused senior technical and business experience building and delivering advanced digital products and services for apps, data and infrastructure leveraging Agile/DevSecOps tools and processes, using multi-cloud and hybrid IT-based environments. He is also a recognized SME in U.S. Public Sector on cybersecurity frameworks and standards.

Our Insights

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Who We Are

Definitive Logic has 20 years experience delivering mission-impact consulting and technology solutions to the federal government and commercial clients. Our domain expertise spans Defense, Homeland Security, Emergency Management and more.

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