Test Engineering

Validated Decision Making

Cost restricted environments expect Test and Evaluation programs to execute at or above previous levels, with limited time and resources, while integrating multiple systems that deliver large quantities of data. The challenge is to quickly and cost effectively collect, authenticate, reduce, and analyze large data sets.

Definitive Logic has developed a Test and Evaluation Data Collection Tool with test planning capabilities, data reduction, V&V, analysis, reporting, and process risk management capabilities which streamlines, enhances, and optimizes test and engineering services to enable cost-effective, rigorous decision making.

Our Services

Software Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance (QA) testing business processes and practices are guided by industry best practices such as ISO 9000:2015, CMMI and Lean Six Sigma (LSS).  We provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. This ensures software meetings all requirements, is secure, and achieves the result stakeholders desire.

Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E)

We ensure that the operational requirements are testable and measurable. Next, we outline an Operational Test Plan to define data collection methods and evaluation criteria. Lastly, data is analyzed and findings are presented. Experience is captured in a Knowledge Management System for the benefit of other testing efforts. DL has supported numerous Federal OT&E efforts to determine effectiveness and suitability of new procedures and technologies. Continuous learning and process improvement of operational test & evaluation (OT&E) practices will allow DL to provide high quality service more cost effectively.

Mobile Test Delivery Platforms

Definitive Logic has built mobile testing platforms allowing federal agencies to support the end-to-end process of OT&E of a wide variety of technologies such as airport security & baggage screening systems.  Our platforms can be configured to meet the needs of any specific test, allowing test observers to collect data using any mobile device (iOS or Android).  Testing data from the mobile devices is stored in a multidimensional data warehouse that allows large volumes of data from multiple data sources in many different formats (including time series data) that allows statistical analysts to quickly aggregate, validate, authenticate, analyze and draw conclusions from the tests.

Test Strategy

We start our testing efforts with a test strategy that accurately captures scope, risk, and schedule. The plan documents Testing Phases, Testing Process Flow, Testing Responsibilities, and Test Schedules with resource assignments.

Test Development

During test development, our team develops business process driven test cases that walk users through the functional aspects of the solution while touching each application component. We ensure that all of the requirements are accounted for in the test cases using a requirements traceability matrix. We prepare all aspects of the test environment with the necessary data to execute all aspects of the process and solution.

Test Execution

Throughout development, we execute unit testing of each component and prepare a deployment for system testing. During system testing, we test the integration of components and we complete our walk-through of the business process test cases to ensure that we have accurately captured all of the steps in the application. Defects are identified, prioritized and resolved to ensure the system is ready for user acceptance testing.


Data collected during data collection events involves collecting data from multiple instruments, sensors, and sources. Data can also be collected from human input and from third party systems not present at the data collection event. The Definitive Logic DAART system aggregates time and location data automatically and converts data from proprietary file types and non-readable data types into data files. DAART’s data transformation capabilities preserve the original data while converting data into required formats.

Technology Integration Services

Our work spans a diverse cross-section of modern industries across both the public and private sector

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